Mobile Application for Skills Training in EntRepreneurShip

As a consequence of the Entrepreneurs Skills Certificate (ESC) the project so called MASTERS wants to produce a mobile application with according didactical and methodical implementation concepts fostering entrepreneurship in the VET by following objectives:

  • Upgrade TVET to labour market demand
  • Support the reduction of youth unemployment
  • Develop basic transversal skills in entrepreneurship, digital skills and language competences
  • Support and integrate new ICT-based teaching methodologies and approaches
  • Better align teaching content to the needs of the labor market and facilitate transitions from education to the world of work
  • Promote entrepreneurship education to develop active citizenship; employability and new business creation

Project Outcomes

  1. Study report about entrepreneurial learning in the mobile context
  2. Teaching methods and material for entrepreneurial education in the mobile context
  3. Learning content and material for pupils for entrepreneurial education in the mobile context
  4. MASTERS Learning App – ICT tool

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