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What is LONA Education?

LONA Education is a learning platform specially tailored to the needs of young people, which helps students to prepare themselves optimally for their future professional challenges. LONA Education means modern e-learning that can be used online from anywhere and from all digital devices.

LONA Education appeals to every type of learner and to pupils from the 5th grade upwards. Short learning sequences and practical examples are provided, which all learners can work through at their own pace. LONA Education’s extensive e-learning content library is divided into short and compact learning nuggets and is tailored to training needs.

Learning tomorrow’s skills today – that’s what LONA Education stands for.

Order our online learning platform LONA Education now as a teaching material of your own choice. You can easily invoice our LONA Education learning packages as part of the teaching material of your own choice. Please contact us via denise.ragger@bitmedia.at.

Who is LONA Education for?


LONA Education can be used by all schools from the 5th grade upwards, regardless of the school’s subject focus.


LONA Education is ideally suited for students as a further development of professional skills.

Young people

LONA Education is suitable for young people from different institutions in order to strengthen them for the world of work.

What does LONA Education offer?

Learning Nuggets

LONA Education offers short and compact learning nuggets, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Learning with short learning nuggets increases flexibility when learning new content. This compact learning nuggets guarantees that students learn exactly what is expected in this lesson.

The Responsive Design of LONA Education enables use on the desktop PC and all common mobile devices. In this way, mobile devices are integrated into the training in a way that promotes learning.

Control tests

At the end of the chapters, the learning platform LONA Education provides a control test to be able to directly apply the learned knowledge.

The control test can be taken after learning all the lessons to get a measurement of the acquired competences.

Audio support

The content of LONA Education is audio-supported and can be used regardless of time and place. Teachers can easily and flexibly integrate learning content into their daily teaching routine and release it over a certain period of time to enable targeted learning.

LONA Education creates a flexible and targeted lesson design and brings variety into the school day.


Active interaction

LONA Education relies on active interaction throughout the learning environment. The learning content is structured differently in terms of media, with different question and answer methods to provide variety.

The many practical examples serve to ensure that learners deal with topics from the working world and are thus optimally prepared for later professional challenges.

And many more features!

What packages does LONA Education offer?


Digital basic education, basic IT skills

The DIGITAL package contains numerous multimedia and interactive lessons on IT basics, IT literacy, digital literacy and IT user skills (MS Office). The modules are also ideal preparation for user certificates such as DCP, ECDL*, Xpert or MOS.

*Only available for Austria and Switzerland (not in Germany).

Course List:

Computer Basics (Windows 10)
Online Basics (Edge-Outlook 2016)
Word Processing Basics (Word 2016/2019|365)
Spreadsheet Basics (Excel 2016/2019|365)
Presentation Basics (PowerPoint 2016/2019|365)
Database Basics (Access 2016/2019|365)
Outlook Basics (Outlook 2016/2019|365)
Online Collaboration
IT Security
Image Editing (GIMP 2.8)

DIGITAL Advanced Package

Advanced digital skills

The DIGITAL Advanced extension package builds on the Digital learning package to provide more in-depth learning content on the topics of MS Office and computing.

Course List:

Word processing advanced (Word 2016/2019|365)
Spreadsheet Advanced (Excel 2016/2019|365)
Presentation Advanced (PowerPoint 2016/2019|365)
Outlook Advanced (Outlook 2016/2019|365)
OneNote Basics

Package DCP®

Digital Competence Pass

The Package DCP® provides customized preparation for the Digital Competence Pass® exams. The five modules of the DCP® certification are completely covered in this package.

Course List:

Basic modul: Fit4DCP

DCP Basic – Module 1: ICT Basics
DCP Basic – Module 2: Office Basics

DCP Plus – Module 3a: Scientific Documents
DCP Plus – Module 3b: Data Management
DCP Plus – Module 4: Digital Collaboration

DCP Pro Artificial Intelligence – Module 1: Understanding AI
DCP Pro Artificial Intelligence – Module 2: Using AI


Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate®

The ECONOMY learning package comprises a series of multimedia and interactive lessons on the basics of economics, business and management to promote entrepreneurial thinking. The learning modules are also the optimal preparation medium for the online exams for the Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate®.

Course List:

Economic basics – Module A
Economic basics – Module B
Business basics – Module C


IT Security: Knowhow & Measures

The CYBER SECURITY package teaches the basics of security and network technology as well as different concepts for protecting your own device. In addition, application-based knowledge in the areas of “penetration testing”, “digital forensics” and “defense against a step-by-step cyber attack” is imparted, which is part of the basic knowledge of IT managers.

Course List:

Module 1: Security and Networking Basics.
Module 2: Protecting against threats
Module 3: Types of attacks
Module 4: Identifying Security Vulnerabilities
Module 5: In-depth network engineering

Package Umwelt & Nachhaltigkeit


Green Future Certificate

The Learning Package ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY offers a series of learning modules for knowledge transfer on the topics of waste, energy and environmental management. The modules of the Green Future Certificate exam are fully covered in this e-learning package.

Course List:

Module 1: Waste Management
Module 2: Energy Management
Module 3: Environmental Management

Package FLEX

Package FLEX

Building Blocks for Competency Enhancement

The FLEX Learning Package is an ideal way to assemble your own modules from our wide range of courses to enhance your skills. Personal, methodological, and social skills, as well as various technical skills, can be learned and strengthened through these learning packages.

Course List:

Personal Competences
Methodological Competences
Social competencies
Health competencies
Professional Competence: Privacy and Information Security
Professional Competence: Labor Law
Professional Competence: Health

What are the benefits of LONA Education?

  • Self-paced learning 24/7
  • Digital teaching and learning

  • Modular learning content

  • Active interaction in learning sequences

  • Varied lesson design

  • Web-based and available on all digital devices

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