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Kommunikationslösung für Schulen und Kinderbildungs- und -betreuungseinrichtungen

The smart communication solution for schools and
childcare and education institutions!

What is SchoolUpdate?

SchoolUpdate is the digital answer to the classic message booklet. Whether sending messages, sharing information sheets or announcing appointments, SchoolUpdate simplifies and improves communication between school / teachers, parents and students.

Communication via SchoolUpdate can take place via web application and mobile application. SchoolUpdate is available in the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

Sharing information in a privacy-compliant way and always being up to date – that’s what SchoolUpdate stands for.

Who is SchoolUpdate for?

Schools and educational institution

SchoolUpdate is suitable for all school types and levels. Users of SchoolUpdate are head teachers, class teachers, parents/guardians and pupils.

Child education and
-childcare facilities

SchoolUpdate can be used by kindergartens, daycare centers, as well as after-school care facilities. With SchoolUpdate, communication between the provider, the facility and the parents becomes a “breeze” with SchoolUpdate.

What does SchoolUpdate offer?

Message function incl. translation

SchoolUpdate’s messaging function enables secure and DSGVO-compliant communication between school/teachers, parents and pupils. SchoolUpdate’s integrated and automatic message translation creates an exchange of information without language barriers. Checking signatures from parents is a thing of the past. With SchoolUpdate’s electronic reading confirmation, teachers receive automated feedback.

SchoolUpdate also allows attachments to be added to messages. This makes it easy to share documents and keep individual parents, students or the whole school informed.

Absence Notification

With SchoolUpdate, parents can report their children’s absence with just a few clicks and inform the school or institution in writing via message. In addition, all absence notifications are bundled and documented in one place in SchoolUpdate. The ongoing documentation of excused and unexcused absences makes it easy for class leaders to make evaluations.

For parents with children in different facilities, one access is sufficient, as children and other family members can be added. The ease of reporting absences through the app increases the reliability. The system also provides a view of daily absences for all teachers to avoid duplicate reporting.

Lists and surveys

SchoolUpdate’s ability to create lists and surveys provides a clear tool for organising events, for example. It is easy to identify the people who will participate and, in addition, tasks can be planned and delegated.

Registrations can be determined by taking into account the quota set, such as “Instrumental lessons: only 5 places left”.

Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency due to sudden schedule changes or illness, the Emergency Notification feature allows the school to quickly notify parents or other family members through multiple channels. Parents are notified via a push message from the SchoolUpdate app, a text message, or / and an email.

The key advantage of the Emergency Notification feature in SchoolUpdate is that emergencies can be immediately communicated to all affected parties and recipients can be notified through multiple channels.


And many more features!

What are the advantages of SchoolUpdate?

  • Easier information dissemination
  • Secure communication
  • Faster response to emergencies
  • Less administration
  • Fewer language barriers
  • Interface to the SOKRATES school administration system

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