Digital competence in education

digi.skills as a learning platform for promoting digital skills at schools

What is digi.skills?

digi.skills is designed to promote digital literacy among teachers and students. The platform convinces through the combination of individual competence checks and subsequent learning recommendations.

digi.skills promotes and strengthens digital competencies around digital teaching, learning, working and collaborating, which are more than ever key factors in education.

The digi.skills learning content can be used for basic digital education in schools. The course packages “digi.skills student base” and “digi.skills education” cover the entire curriculum provided for this purpose. In addition, the “digi.skills teacher base” course package promotes the development of digital skills among teachers.

digi.skills creates the perfect conditions for the “digital school” project.

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Who is digi.skills for?


digi.skills is suitable for all teachers and can serve as in-service training to facilitate digital teaching and work.


digi.skills is suitable for students to promote and develop digital skills in order to make students strong for the digital (learning) world.


digi.skills can be used as a training measure for the whole school to achieve the “Digital School” project.

What does digi.skills offer?

Competence check

digi.skills offers an integrated skills check. The ‘skills.check’ assesses the learner’s level of competence and then provides an individual and tailored learning recommendation, adapted to the learner’s needs and potential. After passing the skills.check, the learner can choose whether to apply the recommendations or to learn everything from A to Z and deepen their knowledge.

The customized learning recommendation guarantees that students learn exactly what matters. They can repeat the skills.check after they have learned all the content in order to re-measure the competencies of this course.


To make learning and digital teaching simple and structured, the e-learning content is made available via the easy-to-use and smart digi.skills learning environment. All lessons are always available for learning, reference and review. The short learning nuggets in the digi.skills learning environment make it possible to learn at any time and anywhere on all digital devices.

digi.skills enables a flexible and targeted lesson design for Teachers. They can consciously respond to the needs of their students and create a better learning experience.

Learning traffic light

Throughout the learning process, the learning traffic light adapts to the learning progress. The learning traffic light makes the results of the skills.check visible. Learning needs are automatically adjusted to allow needs-based learning, with a focus on “red” lessons. When a course is set to “green”, it continues to serve as a reference book, allowing independent and flexible learning.

The learning progress can be continuously tracked and evaluated. digi.skills can be used as a teaching tool at school or at home. In addition, digi.skills can be used as a learning and tutoring tool at home, as the learning progress is automatically adjusted in any environment.

Final test

Each course in the digi.skills learning environment can be completed with a knowledge check – the so-called “final.check”. This gives students the opportunity to check their knowledge directly.

The digi.skills final.check can be taken by students on their own initiative or can be given by teachers as a knowledge check.
Abschlusstest "final.check" bei digi.skills

Certificate of completion

After completing individual courses or the entire course series, learners are issued a personal certificate directly via the digi.skills learning environment. This certificate serves as proof of success and participation and can be downloaded immediately in the application.

The flexible administration of digi.skills allows you to define learning groups and set up individual classes for your students. Learning content can be unlocked for specific periods of time and learning performance can be confirmed by collecting the certificate of completion.

And many more features!

What packages does digi.skills offer?

digi.skills education

The Education Course Package provides a customized teaching tool for the required digital literacy course. Built-in Action Tips give students ideas for trying out and applying what they have learned. The level recommendations help simplify and encourage targeted use in the classroom.

List of modules:

Getting Started – Digital Work
Media Change and Society
Data, Information, and Information Systems
Digital Communication and Social Media
Computational Thinking – Digital Content
Design and Creation
Making Use of the Opportunities of Digitalization

digi.skills student base

The course package for students prepares them for the digital (learning) world. It facilitates their entry into digital forms of teaching and learning. The student base package can be used both in the classroom and at home for learning and tutoring.

List of modules:

Online Communication
Create and prepare documents
Structuring and presenting information
Visualizing and organizing data
Media design basics
Digital workplace
Digital work and learning environment
Digital teaching
Researching and Collecting Materials

digi.skills ai

The AI course package offers students and teachers an insight into how artificial intelligence works, with a focus on text-based dialog systems. It highlights the benefits of AI as well as its dangers and limitations.

List of modules:

AI – Basics
AI – Applying Concepts
AI – Analyze Concepts

digi.skills teacher base

The Teacher Course Package can be used by the entire school as a professional development activity, or can be purchased by individual interested teachers for individual professional development.

List of modules:

Online Communication
Create and prepare documents
Structuring and presenting information
Visualizing and organizing data
Media design basics
Digital workplace
Digital work and learning environment
Digital teaching
Researching and Collecting Materials

Lernen Sie unser digi.skills Package final.check kennen auf bitmedia.at

digi.skills final.check

The final tests in digi.skills can be activated for students at the end of the course to verify their knowledge. Teachers receive the students’ results and can use them for educational purposes.

List of modules:

digi.skills student base – final.check
digi.skills education – final.check

What advantages does digi.skills offer?

  • Flexible learning and organizing
  • Easy integration into the classroom
  • Demonstrable advanced training or continuing education
  • Survey of the digital competence level
  • Aligned with the “Digital School” project
  • Web-based and usable on all digital devices
  • Suitable as a teaching aid for the subject “Digital Basic Education”

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