SOKRATES School Administration

Versatile solution for schools and authorities

digitalisierung schulverwaltung

The most modern & standardized school administration system

for schools and authorities.


SOKRATES has been the school administration system for all types of schools in Austria for many years. SOKRATES offers schools and authorities an integrated administration system with many years of experience that makes everyday school and administration work much easier.

With SOKRATES, school, teacher and student data is managed simply and efficiently. Assessments, subject allocations and substitutions can be carried out with ease, and evaluations and reports can be created with ease. In addition, the school administration system has various automated interfaces, such as educational documentation.

The SOKRATES school administration system provides schools with the perfect prerequisites for optimised and efficient administrative processes.

For whom is SOKRATES?

Schools & school administrations

SOKRATES is suitable for all types of schools and supports schools in student data management and assessment throughout the school career.


SOKRATES provides authorities with an end-to-end management system that supports the data exchange and approval process, ensuring seamless administration.

What does SOKRATES offer?

Pupil administration

The SOKRATES student management system allows you to manage all of your school’s student data – from master data to individual subjects, modules and assessments. Modules and assessments can all be documented with SOKRATES Student Administration.

You can comprehensively evaluate all documented information using lists, forms and special queries. Of course, SOKRATES also offers an interface for educational documentation.


Teacher administration

SOKRATES Teacher Management efficiently records and manages teacher master data and classroom activities, as well as other elements such as subject distribution, timetables, absences and substitutions.

SOKRATES offers calculation functionalities for determining the extent of employment and for displaying additional services. With the help of universal output interfaces, you can also conveniently make this data available to other administrative systems in electronic form.

Administrative processes

SOKRATES enables the administration and management of various activities and processes such as student registration, subject management, examinations and assessments. SOKRATES can be used to efficiently manage student groups, organise the class structure and create teaching groups. In addition, SOKRATES takes into account both officially approved and school-specific aspects, thus contributing to the proper administration of the school.

SOKRATES provides data transfer and deregistration at year transition or school change in or out of the system. Therefore, a simple school year maintenance as well as transfer of class and group assignments for the next school year is possible.

Appraisals and printing of certificates

SOKRATES allows direct entry of grades per subject and per student. In combination with the entry of absences, the report can be generated automatically using predefined clauses.

SOKRATES can be used to issue different types of certificates for each type of school. Different layouts & templates are provided. In addition, the report cards and school news can be exported as PDF.

And many more features!

What are the advantages of SOKRATES?

  • Purely web-based – no installation required
  • Operation and data backup in highly secure data center
  • Use by any number of people at different locations
  • Interface to external systems (Untis, SAP, ZMR, Education statistics, SchoolUpdate, and many more)

  • Various options for data output (Excel, CSV, PDF, and many more)

  • Support from SOKRATES specialists

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