The modern kindergarten administration system

Digitalization of administration and documentation in
child education and carefacilities with SOKRATES KiB!


SOKRATES KiB is a smart kindergarten administration software, optimal for child education and care institutions as well as their providers. The administration software was developed for and with childcare facilities in order to significantly simplify the complex administrative tasks of providers and their facilities. Among other things, child data can be imported and necessary evaluations exported with just a few clicks. SOKRATES KiB is online and easy to use, as no local installation is required.

SOKRATES KiB bundles, structures, digitalizes and automates administrative activities.

Who is SOKRATES KiB for?


SOKRATES KiB supports providers of facilities in the central administration of child data as well as in efficient accounting and evaluation.

Child education and
-care facilities

SOKRATES KiB is used for easy documentation of children’s attendance and absences as well as for orderly data maintenance of services (modules), parents and staff.

What does SOKRATES KiB offer?

Enrolment and daycare statistics

SOKRATES KiB offers data transfer via interfaces and enables the transfer of child data directly into the system. The child data can be entered into SOKRATES KiB via interface, import file or manual entry. With SOKRATES KiB, the day care centre’s statistics to the government can be automated with one click.

It is easier to assign children to the desired facilities (KIGA, KIKRI, HORT, etc.). It is also possible to carry out the opening notification with SOKRATES KiB.

Set-up management and group formation

Carrier and their facilities can operate across multiple facilities and centralise administration to maintain an overview. Institutions can create groups and assign children to them. It is also possible to edit existing groups by changing the name, validity and group type on an ongoing basis.

The providers and facilities can act across facilities and centralise administration, thus maintaining an overall view.

Documentation of attendances & absences

SOKRATES KiB can be used to manage attendances and absences, cancellations and notes. Continuous documentation of absences allows easy evaluation by providers and facilities.

All absence reports are bundled in SOKRATES KiB and documented in one place. Due to the continuous documentation of absences, evaluations by the facilities and providers can be carried out without any problems.

Recording the service

In SOKRATES KiB, service types are bundled into modules and a time-based availability is stored for each service. SOKRATES KiB is used to allocate the services per child that are relevant for invoicing as well as to select and deselect modules (e.g. lunch, afternoon care). In this way, the presence and absence of modules can be easily documented and automatically made available for billing purpose.

In addition to the individual modules, SOKRATES KiB also maps the days of the week, making it easy to manage the services relevant to billing. In addition, SOKRATES KiB improves data quality by eliminating the need for duplicate data maintenance.

Cost accounting

SOKRATES KiB reduces the administrative effort, since calculations and evaluations are carried out by the system. Direct cost accounting in SOKRATES KiB ensures automated and efficient service through the use of interfaces to accounting systems.

By selecting and deselecting modules, services that have not been used can be taken into account directly in the billing process.

And many more features!

What advantages does SOKRATES KiB offer?

  • Web-based and available on all digital devices

  • Reduced administration

  • Efficient administration in the primary sector

  • Data transfer via interfaces, e.g. nursery statistics, accounting services

  • Homogeneous interaction between SOKRATES KiB and the SOKRATES school administration system

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