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Gütesiegel Lern-Apps für LONA Education und digi.skills vom BMBWF

Our learning platforms LONA Education and digi.skills have been awarded the Seal of Quality for Learning Apps by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

The Learning Apps Quality Seal

The Learning Apps Seal of Approval is a quality certification of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) for digital and mobile learning applications. Only learning apps that are available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store with the same content and functions can be submitted. The certification of learning applications implements the fifth point of the 8-point plan for the “Digital School” project. The seal of approval will help schools, parents and guardians in selecting learning apps.

The certification process

The certification of learning apps follows a standardized scheme that takes several months to complete. The steps are outlined below:

  1. Submit Learning App(s) or Recommendation.

Learning apps can be submitted directly by app developers. Teachers, students, parents, or other interested parties can also submit a recommendation for certification. In this case, the developers will be contacted and can decide whether or not to submit.

In the first stage, six eligibility requirements must be met. Only after these have been formally reviewed will the application be accepted into the process.

  1. Evaluation

Three evaluators per learning app use the app in their classrooms. Over a period of two to twelve weeks, the apps are tested and evaluated according to various criteria. The categories are: Pedagogical Didactics, Functionality, Learner Orientation and the Role of the Teacher. Student feedback is included in the results as descriptive information.

  1. Awarding the certificate

If the overall result is positive, the app developers will receive the certificate. In all cases (regardless of the outcome), app developers receive an evaluation report with all results.

The issuance of the certificate means that the required quality criteria have been met and a positive evaluation by teachers and learners has taken place. The certificate is valid for two years and can be recertified as often as desired.

For more information about the Seal of Approval, visit

Our learning applications have been awarded

We have submitted our online learning platforms digi.skills and LONA Education‘s Business Package. Both learning apps have been certified and meet the external quality requirements of the “Digital School” project.

LONA Education has now been recognized for strengthening the professional skills of students, and the Package Economy has been verified as a basis for the Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate®. Why schools should rely on LONA Education can be seen in our video.

digi.skills as a learning platform for the promotion of digital literacy in schools has been awarded by both teachers and students and will continue to teach digital literacy with the help of learning traffic lights. Watch our video to see why digi.skills is so convincing.

We at bit media education solutions have always known that our two learning platforms form a solid foundation for digital schools. We are very pleased that they meet the quality standards of the BMBWF!

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