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Die Förderung einer nachhaltigen digitalen Grundbildung mit digi.skills ai | Newsbeitrag von bit media education GmbH

Everyone is talking about the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have put together a new course package to help schools and educational institutions, and therefore teachers and students, to become more familiar with the terminology of AI, the benefits that AI brings, as well as its dangers and limitations.

With digi.skills ai, teachers and learners gain insight into how AI works in three building blocks with a focus on a text-based dialog system. The goal of digi.skills ai is to provide students with a basic understanding of the fundamental aspects of AI. This includes knowing the terminology related to AI as well as gaining practical experience in using the latest generation of ChatGPT.

The modules at a glance

The first module on our Artificial Intelligence course package covers the basics of the subject and provides the learner with a foundation for working with various AI tools. This module also covers the text-based AI system ChatGPT. In order to facilitate the integration of the module into the classroom, there are several teaching tasks at the end of the module

In the second module, the digi.skills ai package deals with the application of artificial intelligence concepts in didactics and the related computer science principles. It provides information on the use of AI tools, such as ChatGPT, in learning and teaching. It also explains terms such as “algorithm”, “machine learning”, “neural networks” and “deep learning”.

The third module deals with the analysis of AI concepts. Among other things, it deals with the question “How does ChatGPT analyze itself?” and which logic systems are hidden behind AI tools. The goal of this module is to understand and apply logic systems.

AI and schools

The use of artificial intelligence is not passing by schools – it is having a lasting impact on education. Students need to better understand the different aspects of AI so that in the future they can critically master tasks involving AI with their own competence. Teachers, meanwhile, need to take on the task of better understanding AI so that the abilities of learners – such as students – can be analyzed and assessed when they use AI tools.

Understanding and awareness of AI and its limitations must therefore be provided by all stakeholders. Only then can an ethical approach to this technology be developed.

For this reason, we have made it our task to explain the terminology, the advantages, but also the dangers and limits with the digi.skills ai course package.

Test it now!

Check out our new course package with our free demo version:

For more information on the digi.skills ai course package, please visit our digi.skills website.

For ordering or questions, please contact our sales manager Denise Ragger.

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