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The plans of “Digital Austria” and “Digital School” are firmly anchored in Austrian politics, administration and society. We at bit media have joined the associated goal of simplifying administration in the education sector years ago. Our mission is to provide all educational institutions with the best possible support on their way to digitalization. Whether you need administrative systems for schools, educational and childcare facilities, or in the classroom – we have the solution.

What is a digital administration?

Digital government helps simplify internal and external work processes. Digital government is on the rise, especially in the public sector, because of the communication, information exchange and services it provides, helping both public sector employees and users to save time and nerves.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and appropriate software, digital government already makes it possible to process various services and administrative procedures online.

The benefits of digital administration are countless. The most important ones are:

  • New ways of communicating, exchanging information and providing services
  • More flexible: independent of time and place for users, no more appointments necessary
  • Easier: explanations directly at the touch of a button, multilingualism possible
  • Transparency: possibility to get information about status and next steps in advance

Why do we need a digital administration?

In addition to the benefits of digital administration mentioned above, it is also important for shortening administrative processes. This eliminates unnecessary administrative tasks and makes processes more efficient. Work steps can be reduced to the most important ones, leaving employees more time for their core tasks. Communication processes are also simplified – no more queries or duplication. This also reduces paper mountains, which is good for the environment. It also gives employees more flexibility in the way they work, for example by allowing them to work from home or do their “paper work” during preparation time.

Our options for your digital administration

With our administration management programmes, we offer various options for digitising all areas of education. We have solutions for primary education as well as for schools and classrooms based on data from the SOKRATES school management system.

The best for the little ones. And the easiest for their teachers.

While many primary schools and childcare centres are already promoting children’s media literacy, there is often a lack of digital facilities management. A digital administration programme for recording services and documenting attendance and absences would not only save time, but also offer automation and other benefits. This is why we have developed SOKRATES KiB as a complement to SOKRATES School Administration. The web-based application and data exchange via interfaces make it possible to carry out all administrative activities of providers and childcare facilities digitally.

The features of SOKRATES KiB at a glance:

  • Web-based and multi-client capable
    Data transfer via interfaces
    Attendance and absence documentation
    Service recording and cost accounting
    Structured and straightforward evaluations

To help you make the transition to digital administration in primary education, we offer a free and personalised consultation.

More information about SOKRATES KiB:

Use the time to teach, not for the administration of it.

While core administrative processes as well as teaching and learning are well implemented digitally in many places, there is often a media discontinuity between digital and paper when it comes to the classbook. A digital classbook, coupled with the school administration program, would not only save paper, but also offer automatisms and other advantages. This is exactly why we created SOKRATES Teacher Assistant as an alternative to the traditional paper classbook. The web-based application and data exchange with SOKRATES makes it possible to keep all classbook activities digitally and in compliance with the law.

The functions of SOKRATES Teacher Assistant at a glance:

  • Web-based and usable on all digital devices
  • Simple management of attendance and absences
  • Notes and classbook entries
  • Teaching material entries
  • Class calendar
  • Reporting of absences, for example

To make it easier for you to switch to the digital version, we offer you a free trial period for SOKRATES Teacher Assistant.

Further information about SOKRATES Teacher Assistant:

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