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The learning package digi.skills ai of our learning platform digi.skills has been awarded the Comenius EduMedia Seal 2024. The jury of the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e. V. (GPI) has made the decisions for the European Comenius EduMedia Competition 2024 and found our package to be excellent.

About the Comenius EduMedia Award

Since 1995, the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e.V. (GPI), the scientific association for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics, has been presenting the Comenius Awards. With these Comenius EduMedia Awards, the GPI primarily promotes didactic multimedia products that are outstanding in terms of pedagogy, content and design, which are generally awarded to publishers or institutions that develop, produce and distribute the media product themselves. The Comenius Awards are honorary awards and usually do not involve any financial contribution to the winners.

The Comenius prizes “Comenius Seal” and “Comenius Medal” are awarded annually for educational multimedia products. They can be awarded to outstanding multimedia products from any country in Europe and the world.

Comenius EduMedia Awards are given for the following media categories / digital educational media

  • Educational Multimedia Product (DMP)
  • Academic Multimedia Product (AMP)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Computer games with digital literacy potential (CKP)

Our digi.skills ai learning package has won an award

We submitted the “digi.skills ai” package for our digi.skills online learning platform. Like the entire learning platform in 2021, it has been awarded the seal of approval and thus meets the external quality requirements of the GPI.

About the “digi.skills ai” package

The perception of artificial intelligence changes as we get used to its presence. It is therefore important to understand this technology from the ground up. To address this development, we have developed digi.skills ai to provide schools with a tool for building AI knowledge.

The digi.skills learning platform is web-based and can be used on all digital devices. The digi.skills ai course pack allows for flexible and targeted lesson planning. Teachers can respond to the needs of their students and create a better learning experience. In addition, the level recommendation facilitates targeted use in the classroom. In addition, digi.skills ai offers application tips so that students can immediately try out what they have learned. The didactic preparation of the learning content varies, which is intended to increase motivation during learning. At the beginning of each module there is a skills.check, which provides a good introduction to the content and allows students to assess their level of competence. At the beginning, the student’s learning traffic light is set to ‘red’ and after the content has been completed, the traffic light turns to ‘green’. Once a module has been completed, a certificate is available for students to download.

Our 5-step learning concept in digi.skills:

  • Course start (learning traffic light)
  • skills.checks (skills assessment)
  • Needs-based learning (e-learning)
  • final.check (knowledge check)
  • Successful completion (certificate)

We at bit media education solutions are delighted to have been awarded the Comenius EduMedia seal for our “digi.skills ai” learning package, which therefore meets the GPI’s quality standards.

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