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Digitalkompetenzen in Schulen wichtig wie nie

teaching have been an integral part of school life. Both distance learning and blended learning have become part of everyday life for students and teachers. For this reason, the digital skills of students and teachers need to be fostered in order to be well prepared for the demands of the digital world.

Promoting digital literacy among students in Austria

The Austrian federal government has launched the “Digital School” initiative and with it the 8-Point Plan. In addition to expanding the IT infrastructure and providing digital devices, the plan calls for the nationwide implementation of digitally supported teaching and learning. This will give students and teachers a comprehensive understanding of the digital world, including how to navigate it safely.

Learning platform to promote digital literacy

The 8-point plan for digitizing education also includes learning applications to improve and support mobile learning in the use of blended and distance learning.

Our digi.skills learning platform creates the perfect conditions for the Digital School plan. Through the use of digi.skills, digital skills in the areas of digital teaching, learning, working and collaboration can be promoted and strengthened.
Our learning platform offers both students and teachers their own course package, which they can access after a digital skills check in order to receive a personalized and tailor-made online learning offer. Through a variety of small e-learning nuggets, topics such as IT basics, user software, digital collaboration and communication, or general media skills for teaching and learning processes are interactively taught.

As a learning platform, digi.skills is therefore suitable for teachers at all school levels and can be used as a training tool to facilitate digital teaching and work. In addition, digi.skills is suitable for students as a means of promoting and developing digital skills in order to make them strong for the digital (learning) world. But not only that! digi.skills can also be used as a training measure for the whole school to achieve the “Digital School” project.

The learning concept for digital literacy

The learning or success concept of digi.skills is based on the skills check, which is linked to the learning traffic lights of the e-learning lessons.

Students and teachers are guided through the individual course packages in four simple steps.

The digi.skills learning concept

In the beginning, all lessons or learning lights are set to “red”. Only after the Skills Check has been completed will all learning lights be reset based on the user’s level of knowledge. After that, focused learning can begin. All lessons are delivered in small e-learning nuggets, called “learning morsels,” and can be reviewed and learned by the user. The focus is on the “red” lessons, i.e. those where the “Skill Check” sees a need to catch up. The “green” lessons can be reviewed as needed. Each course package ends with a certificate of completion if all lessons are “green”.

This learning concept can be used individually at one’s own pace, but can also be used in face-to-face lessons as blended learning. This means that digi.skills can be used to break down the barrier between classroom and e-learning.

digi.skills as a teaching tool of your choice

For teachers and schools, our learning platform digi.skills can be used as a teaching aid of your own choice (UeW). Our learning packages can easily be invoiced as such.

Denise Ragger will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our learning platform digi.skills.


Denise Ragger, MA
Director of Sales

Mobil: +43 664 80 670 725

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