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The restructuring of bit media on this year’s 22-year anniversary promises a strong position for the future: One company becomes three companies with a sharpened focus and the ideal structure for their focus. Looking at the history of the Austrian company, this is the logical step to the next level.

Founded 22 years ago, bit media has become a player for e-learning in the entire German-speaking region in just a few years. Today, the same company is the number one provider of digital solutions for schools in Austria and one of the most successful exporters of educational technologies worldwide. Three success stories that give reason to rewrite the company history as of July 2022 and to transfer each of the three successful business areas into a separate company.

bit media e-solutions solutions is the Austrian subsidiary of the internationally active eee group and specializes in the digitization of education, administration, security and health. „The company’s history began 22 years ago with only 10 employees“, explain the founders and current owners Manfred Brandner, Walter Khom, Stefan Düss and Wolfgang Schaffer. Today, the group employs about 160 people and almost as many external consultants, authors, and experts.

COVID as a digitization booster:

Covid has acted as a booster both for the entire e-learning industry and for the “digital school” business field. On the local market and especially in the international environment, the demand for solutions and competences of bit media e-solutions has increased significantly. To give these needs room to develop and to enable bit media e-solutions to continue its strong growth, the owners have agreed to transfer each of the three successful business areas into a separate company.

Strong for the future with (three) new companies:

  1. bit media education solutions will increasingly focus on the business field „digitalization of schools“ on a national and international level and strive for further expansion in this segment in the D-A-CH region. The goal is also to export established solutions from Austria to international markets.
  2. The traditional e-Learning business(learning management systems, learning content, customer-specific solutions, onboarding and recruiting tools) will be handled by M.I.T e-Solutions (by name analogous to its German subsidiary). The goal is to position the brand M.I.T e-Solutions as a brand in the entire D-A-CH region, but above all to be available to customers as usual as a solution provider for alternative learning methods and HR solutions.
  3. The third company is to establish eee Austria [triple „e“ Austria] international projects as a partner for public clients for the realization of projects around digitalization and education all over the world. Focus regions for this are Indonesia, SE-Asien, Central Asia, the Balkans and parts of Africa.

Changes to the ownership structure are not planned – as before, the company will remain an Austrian company with high value added in Austria.

„Our next goal is further growth and thus, via our new structure, to expand our sales volume from approximately 16 million from 2021 to 25 million by 2025,“, says Manfred Brandner.

The company is confident that this will be achieved with the help of its top management and its loyal and excellently trained employees. However, the aim is also to work in a sustainable, fair, and balanced manner. The fact that this is not only a goal, but also a reality, has already been proven: The management is proud that across all companies in the eee group, there is currently a 50/50 ratio of women and men in top management (management and procuration).

For any questions please contact:

eee group
Contact person: Manfred Brandner
Position: Owner
Phone: +43 316/28 66 60-670
Mobile: +43 664/61 99 670

bit media education solutions GmbH
Contact person: Walter Khom
Position: Managing Director
Phone: +43 316/28 66 60-671
Mobile: +43 664/61 99 671

M.I.T e-Solutions GmbH
Contact person: Wolfgang Schaffer
Position: Managing Director
Phone: +43 316/90 90 80-616 
Mobile: +43 664/61 99 616 

Contact person: Irmgard Hoislbauer
Position: Managing Director
Phone:  +43 316/90 90 80-686
Mobile: +43 664/61 99 686

eee Austria international projects GmbH
Contact person: Stefan Düss
Position: Managing Director
Phone: +43 316/ 92 22 88-705
Mobile: +43 664/61 99 705

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